Employment Brand Journey

To ensure we’re delivering the right message to the right talent and connecting with current employees, we’ve created a framework – an Employer Value Proposition – to guide our strategies and communications. We conducted research by interviewing employees and leadership about their experiences working at Cargill. We also evaluated the agriculture competitive landscape and looked at how we’re transforming our organization for the future. With all of these insights in hand, we were able to create core ideas that become our employment story and build our employer brand.

Employment at Cargill can be summed up in four statements, or pillars:

1) A global leader resolved to create lasting change.
A trusted multinational company with the unique size, scope and strength to transform the global food system. Cargill is committed to a future-ready vision for innovation that will enhance customer success and create sustainable solutions to nourish the world.

What it means to employees and candidates: I have confidence in Cargill’s future

2) Inspiring excellence by doing what’s right.
We live by our guiding principles and set the bar high in all we do for our customers and our global communities. You’ll discover that our word is our bond, a core truth that has inspired and defined our success for over 153 years.

What it means to employees and candidates: Cargill shares my personal values

3) A vibrant community where you can be your best.

Find where you belong as part of our Cargill community. We put your safety and well-being first, fostering a welcoming and supportive environment where every perspective is respected, and open dialogue motivates each of us to be our best self.

What it means to employees and candidates: I am appreciated for who I am

4) Empowering meaningful impact.

Make an impact that’s bigger than your role, where you’ll be challenged, empowered to take risks and expected to learn from failure as well as success. You’ll gain exceptional skills and open up new opportunities for professional growth.

What it means to employees and candidates: I am empowered to make an impact