Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)

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“Injury-free facilities” is a unique metric for Cargill (vs. standard metric of “facilities w/o lost work days”). Cargill’s #1 priority is the health and safety of all employees. “My work will make a meaningful impact.”

2020 goal: ZERO fatalities.

Several of Cargill’s U.S. facilities recognized by OSHA as STAR VPPs.

Cargill is invested in deep
learning of complex safety risks and proactively finds ways to guard against them.
“I will be empowered to think creatively and apply innovative solutions.”

Privately held with large % of profits reinvested back into the business.

Many safety programs, including LIFEsavers and See, Say, Stop.

Cargill is establishing an EHS Center of Excellence to bring together and share best practices, scale and
professionalize function.

“My contributions will help
shape a new and important
functional area globally.”

“I will have a unique opportunity to learn and create my career path.”

89% of employees said safety trumps everything for Cargill. Cargill has embedded a
powerful, proactive safety
culture that employees apply across all aspects of their lives.
“I know that my safety would always come first.”