Trading and Risk Management

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One of the world’s largest and most-respected commodity trading firms.

Highly diversified array of commodities from import to

Cargill’s global footprint provides first-hand visibility into market movements.

The experience is invaluable,
opening doors to wherever
you’d like to take your career.

“I will gain global perspective and have the support of analysts with expertise in local commodities markets.”

Custom solutions across 70+ commodities markets and 24 currencies.

“Our word is our bond.”

Uncompromising business
“I will never be expected to do something that goes against my values.”
26% of commodity employees are women. Women hold 15% of leadership positions in trading unit. Cargill is leading the way for gender inclusion in commodity training. “I will be able to bring my whole self to work, with female colleagues and women leaders as role models.”
Values-driven culture We work together as a team and incentivize as a team. “I will work with people who
respect, support and encourage me, not compete with me.” Cargill has a long history of
advocating for fair, open trade which plays a pivotal role in feeding the world.
“I’d be proud to work for a company that demonstrates such commitment to a critical social issue.”