Corporate Strategy & Development (CSD)

Please use these messaging recommendations when engaging with this specific audience.
Proof Points Primary Messages Audience Connection
Multinational with diverse scope of businesses Cargill is a prestigious,
successful global organization.
“I’ll have a global role with global impact.”

Committed $112M in new
investments in Jilin, China.

A 2018 Best Company to Work for in Indonesia

APAC is an important,
high-growth market for Cargill.

Cargill’s Corporate Strategy Development program will train you to lead and shape the future of our business.

“I’ll gain the respect of my peers working for the best of the best in our industry.”

“I’ll gain invaluable experience and quick growth opportunities.”

Our purpose is to nourish the world. You’ll work on strategies that will help resolve some of the biggest global issues facing the world today. “Cargill has a mission I’d be proud to be part of.”
Values-driven culture. Cargill offers a professional
environment where everyone is treated honorably and with respect.
“I will be treated with respect.”