Digitalization & Analytics (D&A)

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Proof Points Primary Messages Audience Connection
Largest privately held
corporation in U.S. with large reinvestment back into company each year
We’re making significant
investments in a full-scale digital transformation to drive the industry forward.
“I’ll be able to work on cool and exciting initiatives that will help feed the world.”
Access to proprietary data collected over 153 years.
Key goal: digitalize all product lines.
Cargill Digital Labs is run like a start-up with the strength of a successful 153-year-old company behind it. “I’ll have the rare opportunity of working for a global organization with an
entrepreneurial mindset and an immense set of data and insights to work with.”
Cargill Digital Lab’s mission is to prepare Cargill for a digital future Our goal is to make D&A a core competency throughout all business lines. “My work will have a significant impact on how we do business.”
A number of partnerships and joint-ventures have resulted in Sawtooth, Hyperledger Grid, iQShrimp, etc. Cargill has invested in diverse partnerships and joint-ventures to speed transformation. "I will be exposed to a broad array of companies that are utilizing data and technology in unique ways.”
Cargill’s Justin Kershaw is
recognized as a 2018 CIO 100 winner for iQ-Shrimp project.
We are applying outside
expertise and technology in
new and innovative ways.
“I will be challenged and valued for what I bring to the table.”
Shawn Stavseth, Digital Strategy and Innovation Advisor in Cargill’s Digital Labs, is cited as one of the 20 most powerful women in technology by Connected World magazine We are disrupting an industry, bringing in talented technology innovators to drive our transformation forward. “I will be comfortable bringing my whole self to work and contributing my best to a diverse and innovative team.”