Headline Structure

Using impactful statements, we created a checklist-styled formula to tell a story of employees and candidates working with a higher purpose.

• Headlines appear as either two- or three-line statements, but never as a single line. Each statement should be two to four words long. This may vary when translated into languages other than English.
• Each line of the headline should be short and begin with a verb. The words “higher purpose” should only be used sparingly in headlines. It is best to convey the meaning and intent of the higher purpose theme rather than use the actual words so it doesn’t lose its impact.
• The first line of our headline is a functional component of the role, position or theme of the communication.
• The second line advances the story and evolves into what/how the candidate will be able to provide impact.
• The last line of our headline is the holistic perspective of what you can do in a career at Cargill.