Voice Characteristics

We communicate to many audiences, in many languages. Our voice is an important function of our employment brand and a way to ensure that our messaging stays consistent. Whatever the medium or audience, these are the characteristics that comprise the Cargill employment brand voice.

We’re straightforward, genuine and value-driven. Our messaging should always sound helpful, understanding and human, without being overly sentimental.
We’re strong and bold, yet humble. There’s a can-do spirit that infuses everything we say, and we’re confident in our industry-leading capabilities, so we don’t have to oversell ourselves.
We’re forward-thinking and hopeful, yet grounded. We take pride in our purpose and point out the benefits of our work, but we do so modestly.
We’re professional and concise, not complex or full of jargon. Much of what we do is complex, that’s why it’s so important for us to speak plainly, in straightforward language.